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Just wanted to let my readers (if any lol) know what’s what with the development of the story.

Totally got some writing done today. I have a back story for the main character, who will only be known as the ‘survivor’. His back story will be revealed through out his journal entries and videos.

Also what I’m going to do is finish the story first, instead of trying to release things every week, the reason being that the journal entry I put up last week, I’ve already changed that scene a little. When I write, as most writers do…or should do…is write a first draft and then re-write it over and over again until the writer is sick of looking at it and just wants it to stop. My style (problem?) is that I rewrite as I’m writing. I’ll probably rewrite a story ten times before I’m even close to have a real first draft.

But do not fret, I can bust out a full script in about a month, in the mean time I’ll put up little things here and there on this site, but make sure to visit my other site, where I’ll update a little more frequently. In fact there should be something new there now.

Anyway thanks for checking this out as always, I should have some stuff up soon, thanks!


Journal Entry #1068

Today is the day, the third anniversary of locking myself away in this shelter. The end came and we…I decided it would be safer to escape to the woods and use the old bomb shelter my great grandfather built during the Cold War. He never had to use it, and it became a joke amongst my family. Old Pop-Pop would have had the last laugh if he lived long enough to see this…mess.

Three…years…I have to get out of here. I have to see if there are any survivors, I have to find out if the world has gone back to normal…whatever can pass for normal now anyways.

As long as there are no more of…them…out there. At least the scratching has stopped, it’s been quiet for at least…six months? God, it’s been six months since…

Enough of that, what’s done is done, I need to focus on getting out of here, out of the woods, and finding survivors. At the very least I need to find food and water, there’s only enough left for maybe five days, a week tops. Either way I can’t stay here, if I have to die, it’s not going to be from fucking starvation.

Fitting, this pen I write with now is the last one in the shelter, the only reason why I didn’t lose my shit entirely was because I was able to write, reading the same six books over and over again didn’t help. At least I have the Lord of the Rings committed to memory, if anyone wants to hear it.

Alright, time to gather what little food I have and head out, I’ll write another entry when I can…hopefully I’ll find some people and won’t have to.

So Here We Are Again!

Hey everybody, flabslapper here, here to bring you yet another blog to clog up the already insane and inane amount of websites devoted to bullshit! And what wonderful bullshit it always is…

You may be asking yourself, “Why the fuck is this guy making another blog, when he barely updates his other one?” Well the answer to that is fuck you, it’s a free country and I’ll do as I please!

But seriously, this blog will be host to little snippets of a story I’ll be working on about, which is, as the title implies, a zombie apocolypse story!

Now you may be saying to yourself, “Wow, how fucking original, zombies are already everywhere, there in my goddamn breakfast cereal for christsakes!” And you may have a valid point. In fact, you do have a valid point, zombies are fucking everywhere right now.

The real point of this site is to build up my portfolio, get some of my writing out there to the public, and keep me writing every day or so, so as to give more practice. This new site will also give me an excuse to film some of my story, and also allow me to create a video and editing portfolio as well.

And as always my ultimate goal is to entertain you, my loyal fans.

Have I blown enough smoke up your ass? Good!

So anyway this site will be a little rough at first, as I try to figure out a good schedule for weekly updates so that it doesn’t butt-heads too often with my school and work life. Notice I didn’t write ‘social life’, for I have none. Also I’ll need to work this around my masturbating time as well, which I’ve gotten down to around 40 minutes, five to seven times a week. Not counting of course morning wanks, which roughly only take about 1 to 5 minutes because I’m a goddamn pro.

Another thing to consider, uhm, ignoring that last bit about wanking, is that this blog will be more serious. Believe it or not, disregarding any unintentional laughs I may receive, when I write, I tend to write darker stories about action, horror, murder and revenge. I’m actually not very good at creating comedy that doesn’t involve my own penis in some way.

Also another thing that I hope to accomplish is to have compilation efforts by myself and other artistic people, may it be actors, make-up artists, and other writers, which I expect to bring on at least a few.

So yeah, thanks everybody for checking this out, thanks to all the people that stuck with me on my other blog, which I will also be updating fairly regularly again, but mostly with videos I make for a podcast called Talkradar, check them out  at http://www.gamesradar.com/f/talkradar-131-backflash/a-20101210101135377001 they are funny as hell and really nice guys, they’ve supported a lot of my vids and I really appreciate them a lot for it.

Alright well off to work I go, please look forward to some (hopefully) entertaining stuff about survival, zombies, revenge, and ketchup-y blood!